Where to Advertise Your Radon Services to Maximize Lead Generation


By Ksenia Kolyeva

When small and niche businesses, like radon testers or radon mitigators, advertise with Google Ads or Yelp, they end up spending lots of time, money, and energy with little ROI – they end up reaching random unmotivated customers. At the same time, word of mouth and referrals might yield some prospects, but it takes time to get this type of traction within any community, and these leads are not consistent customer generation sources.

With EcoLink - Ecosense Radon Matching Service – advertise efficiently and find new customers who actually need you. The EcoQube and its app help homeowners to monitor radon levels, and when they find radon readings exceeding The EPA Action Level, they start looking for radon professionals - we help them find you!

EcoLink provides a set of platforms powered by the Ecosense matching algorithm. The service connects homeowners with radon professionals nearby with precise geolocation targeting. EcoQube owners are already aware of radon and the health issues it can cause, so advertising directly to your end customers (EcoQube app users) makes it more effective than other kinds of advertising.

Jumpstart your ad campaign with EcoLink today and with a free trial. Book a Meeting With Us and let’s get you ready to find new customers for your radon business.