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RadonEye Pro Pledging Rules:

Pledge By June 9th - Save Up to $170 on RadonEye Pro (reg. $795)

  • STEP 1: Make your pledge by June 9th, 11:59 pm (PT). Simply Submit The Number of RadonEye Pro Units You'd Like To Buy. Each pledge counts towards reducing the price for everyone.
  • STEP 2: Spread the word and invite your friends and colleagues to join in. The more pledges we receive, the lower the price becomes for everyone. 
  • STEP 3: On Saturday, June 10th, 6:00 am (PT), check your email for a promo code. Use it within 24 hours. Act fast to secure the deal.

It's a group effort to unlock extra savings! We've already knocked the price down to $675 per unit. Keep pushing forward, and let's secure an amazing deal of $660 per Pro!

10 units

Limited time offer! Pledge by June 9th, 11:59 pm (PT) for your exclusive RadonEye Pro deal. The more pledges, the higher the discount. Promo code available on June 10th, 6:00 am (PT). Don't miss out - only 24 hours to grab this deal.


QuantityBuy 1Buy 3Buy 5Buy 10
Price$695 ($795)$680 ($795)$660 ($795)$636 ($795)
Save$100 OFF$115 OFF$135 OFF$159 OFF

Questions About RadonEye Pro?

Feel free to schedule a 30-minute call with us for a demo or any clarification on RadonEye Pro you may need.

RadonEye Pro

RadonEye Pro (reg. $795 )

  • Certified for professional testing by NRPP and NRSB
  • Generate ANSI/AARST-compliant test reports effortlessly
  • No additional cost for the web dashboard or mobile app
  • Unmatched 30 CPH/pCi/L counting efficiency
  • Stay connected with WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities for remote monitoring
  • Equipped with hourly radon, temperature, humidity, and tamper sensors
  • Exclusive pricing available for Ecosense RadonEye Pro annual calibrations

*Free standard shipping within US


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