RadonEye Pro

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This highly developed, cutting edge model, RadonEye Pro ‘RD200P’ is user-friendly instrument especially for home inspectors, radon specialists.

RadonEye Pro supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and automatically uploads updated data (every 10 minutes of real time) to access your web cloud server. Log in to http://www.radoneyepro.com and check the web server for updated data at any time.

This is equipped with an ionization chamber sensor that uses FTLab's high precision measurement technology to measure radon alpha decay. The sensitivity of the sensor is 30cph / pCi / l, and the radon level in the sealed space within 1 hour can be measured within ± 10% precision.

We offer full package accessories including tripod holder, step up cable, adapter extension cable, battery pouch and package bag for inspection (except tripod, battery itself)

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