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  • See the RadonEye Pro for a fast, accurate and affordable NRPP, NRSB approved measurement tool.
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  • Offer your clients the world’s fastest home radon detector, RadonEye (RD200).
    Powerfully fast, accurate, and reliable, RadonEye is the optimal choice for homes, offices, and buildings.
    Use the special discount code ICSSPECIAL when you check-out for 5% off!
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RadonEye Pro $755.25* (reg. $795)

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RadonEye Pro is NRPP and NRSB approved. The smartest radon detector developed for professionals boasting industry-leading sensitivity, real-time inspection, remote & continuous monitoring, and easy report generation capabilities at an affordable price.

  • Onboard ultra-sensitive 0.5cpm/pCi/L instrumentation for >8X accuracy
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled for maximum connectivity and remote monitoring capabilities. Automatically uploads updated data to access your web cloud server. http://www.radoneyepro.com
  • Transform one-time inspection into long-term & continuous monitoring with easy report generation capability.

We offer full package accessories including tripod holder, step up cable, adapter extension cable, battery pouch and carrying bag for inspection (except tripod, battery itself) with calibration certificate.

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RadonEye $163.40* (reg. $172) 

  • FAST RADON READING: World’s fastest home radon detector provides the first reading in 10 minutes after plug & play setup, reliable result within 1 hour, and app connectivity for easy monitoring & general consumer use.
  • ACCURATE RADON MEASURING: Most reliable, fast, & accurate radon tester for homes, offices, and buildings. Industry-first home radon test device counting 30 times of radon level per hour (30 cph/pCi/L) with true accuracy.
  • REAL-TIME CONTINUOUS MONITORING: Radon results updated every 10 minutes on OLED display. Detector stores 1-year of data for long term analysis. Real-time long term radon testing matters, radon levels can fluctuate 10X due to environmental reasons.
  • TECHNOLOGY PROVEN RADON DETECTOR: US patented ion chamber-based performance validated by the University of Michigan (Dept. of Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Science). 

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