RadonEye for Home Owners
RadonEye for Home Owners
RadonEye for Home Owners
RadonEye for Home Owners
RadonEye for Home Owners
RadonEye LCD Display for Home Owners
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RadonEye Accuracy and Speed for Home Owners


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FAST RADON READING: World’s fastest home radon detector provides the first reading in 10 minutes after plug & play setup, reliable result within 1 hour, and app connectivity for easy monitoring & general consumer use.

ACCURATE RADON MEASURING: Most reliable, fast, & accurate radon tester for homes, offices, and buildings. Industry-first home radon test device counting 30 times of radon level per hour (30 cph/pCi/L) with true accuracy.

REAL-TIME CONTINUOUS MONITORING: Radon results updated every 10 minutes on OLED display. Detector stores 1-year of data for long term analysis. Real-time long term radon testing matters, radon levels can fluctuate 10X due to environmental reasons.

TECHNOLOGY PROVEN RADON DETECTOR: US patented ion chamber-based performance validated by the University of Michigan (Dept. of Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Science).

EASILY STAY ALERT: Alarm when radon reading exceeds EPA recommended action level of 4pCi/L. Monitor long term radon trends with included 1-year data storage. Plug in, use whenever and wherever needed.

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About the RadonEye

The Radon Eye RD200 is a smart radon detector providing at least 10 times more sensitivity compared to other radon test kits and detectors available for consumer use today. Powerfully fast, accurate, and reliable, Radon Eye RD200 is the optimal choice for homes, offices, and buildings. Radon Eye RD200 is the industry’s first radon consumer device reading radon gas levels 30 times per hour (30 cph/pCi/L) with unmatched accuracy. The Radon Eye RD200 uses an ion chamber and a highly accurate detection circuit designed with our exclusive technology. First reliable test results are produced within just 1 hour after plug and play setup versus several days required for other consumer radon detectors in the market. The radon level readings are displayed using dynamic charts, insightful graphs, and data logging via an intuitive app, along with a Bluetooth connected alert setting.

Tech Specifications

RadonEye Tech Specs

Type: Pulsed Ion chamber 200cc
First reliable data out: Within 60 minutes
Data storage interval: 60min moving average (Reading every 10 min)
Sensitivity: 30 cph/pCi/L 
Operating range: 0~40℃ (32°F ~ 104°F), RH < 80%
Range: 0.2 ~ 99.9 pCi/l (7~3,700m³)
Accuracy/Precision (95% confidence interval): After 10 hour, < ±10% at 10pCi/L
Power: DC 12V, 0.1A (No Battery)
Size: Φ80(mm) x 120(mm), 240g
Data communication: Bluetooth LE (Android/iOS)
Data storage capacity: 1year
Display: 0.96 inch OLED
Operating System: iOS 13 and Android 5.0 or later

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