Professional Radon Monitoring Service

This program is a paid service for professionals.
A monthly subscription fee will be charged when you register your device.
Please contact us for more information. 

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About EcoGuard

Grow your radon business by generating new revenue with EcoGuard Long-Term Continuous Radon Monitoring Service.
New NRPP-approved EcoGuard device works better than an ASD fan pressure alert! It’s a more effective way to monitor the effectiveness of mitigation system in the future.
EcoGuard service pairs multiple EcoGuard CRMs with a single professional dashboard. EcoGuard provides long-term, real-time hourly radon data from the deployed location you can access from anywhere. It’s a win-win combination: your clients get peace of mind while your business has a passive revenue stream

* EcoGuard requires a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection. If you have a dual-band router, please check that it supports 2.4GHz bandwidth and that 5GHz steering is disabled.



  • NRPP-certified radon professionals, regardless of the state they’re in, are required to use certified devices. 
  • Because Ecosense is certified as a laboratory, the professional does not have to be an analytical provider.

48-hour Average Monitoring

  • Emphasizing the 48-hour average is to eliminate calls from clients who may needlessly worry and complain about the concentration for a single hour.
  • The mitigator can be comfortable sharing the mobile app with clients because their focus will be on the 2-day average instead of the reading for a single hour.

48-hour Clearance Test Report

  • EcoGuard enables the mitigator to perform both the initial short-term clearance test AND continued long-term surveillance with the same device. 
  • Since the short-term clearance test data can be accessed remotely, the test report can be generated and delivered without having to return to the house.

EcoGuard as an Active Alert Monitor

  • Pressure sensor alerts have audible alarms that irritate homeowners – EcoGuard sends a push notification. 
  • Dust sucked inside the tube of a pressure sensor alert can trigger the alarm. Pressure sensor alerts only sound if the fan quits working; an active fan does not necessarily mean it’s controlling the radon.

EcoGuard Dashboard

With EcoGuard Dashboard, radon professionals and building operation managers can easily

  • Remotely monitor multiple locations within workplaces, dormitories, childcare centers
  • Continuously verify every installed mitigation system is performing according to the warranty and service plan
  • Meet ANSI-AARST SGM-SF Requirements for system Active Notification Monitoring
  • Provide a long-term monitoring solution for homeowners whose short-term results fall between 2-4 pCi/L 
  • Receive notification when the Radon Action Level is exceeded for a prescribed time
  • Email a professional 30-day report every month with a single click

Long-Term Radon Monitoring

Real-time Continuous monitoring
24-hour average monitoring
48-hour average monitoring
Day through to year-long radon trends

Web Dashboard

Radon level monitoring
Radon reports management
Device management
Customer management
Order and invoice management

Radon Reports

48-hour clearance test report
New radon report
Monthly radon report
Report sharing with one click


Get push notifications
Email notifications
Notify based on 24 or 48-hour average

Need help with signing up for EcoGuard or have questions about pricing and our radon monitoring service? Schedule an appointment with our sales team to get all the answers you need.

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EcoGuard: Benefits for You and Your Clients

Develop value-added maintenance and/or monitoring programs

Grow your revenue through a sticky business model

Provide building occupants with peace of mind

Establish a long-lasting relationship

How to get started with EcoGuard


1. Sign Up

For EcoGuard service at

2. Order

EcoGuard CRMs from EcoGuard dashboard

3. Install

EcoGuard CRM at the site(s)

4. Registrate

 EcoGuard CRMs to the EcoGuard dashboard 

5. Engage and Share

Radon reports and updates with your clients

Intelligent Radon Detector EcoGuard

Award-winning, Wi-Fi connected, palm-sized radon monitor
Check and monitor radon levels remotely in real-time

First reading in 10 minutes, reliable result within an hour
Accurate measurement with ultra-sensitivity of 30 CPH (counts per hour)
Compact, lightweight, easy-to-install
Wi-Fi connected for remote monitoring
User-friendly app provides radon level from anywhere, anytime
Best suited monitor for easy real-time long-term monitoring
* EcoGuard can be ordered from the EcoGuard dashboard ONLY

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What radon professionals say about EcoGuard

“I think it’s a phenomenal idea! It’s a great way for you to add additional services to your business and connect with your customers on an ongoing basis, so you turn a customer into a client. You have an ongoing revenue stream and they also have peace of mind knowing you’re monitoring their level for them and if there’s ever an issue they are in good hands - you’re going to take care of it.”
- Bryan Coy, 5280 Radon Mitigation

Long-Term Radon Monitoring with EcoGuard

Radon Mitigators

  • Post-mitigation radon monitoring (including monthly data review) 
  • An active alert system 
  • 48-hour post-mitigation clearance test report
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Radon Mitigators

Turn your customers into clients by offering a maintenance plan with the EcoGuard after the mitigation job is completed

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Radon Inspectors

Generate new revenue streams post-inspection by providing professional radon monitoring service to your customers

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