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Wow! I would've paid more for this gem. Holy smokes.
The accuracy is amazing, however only the before and after mitigation measurements along with the delta, are all that really matter. Incredible piece of technology that absolutely blew me away. So glad to have made this purchase. Also awesome that I can let family and friends borrow it to gauge their own radon levels.
Just awesome.

Amazon Reviewer

Was a little nervous if this would work well or not but it had been great! We wanted to test to see how our levels were and then our in a system and still use it to monitor. I love the app feature and love that you can see how the levels have progressed! Highly recommend.

Amazon Reviewer

What sets the RadonEye Pro apart is it's remote monitoring function, which allows us to quickly flag issues especially when time related to real estate transactions is running out. The interface is fast, easy and reliable. The affordability of the unit has allowed us to expand the amount of equipment we have more quickly.

Robert, Robert's Radon

I received the detector as a prize on inspector's conference and very glad I have it in my toolbox. Setup is easy, fast (1 hr average is an available option) and accurate detection gives the required data for home inspectors to identify if radon level is elevated and communicate that to the customer. It is especially important when time is critical, inspection takes 2-3 hrs and including radon detection provides more value to customers.
Very effective tool!

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