The Smartest Radon Detector for Professionals

RadonEye Pro is an AARST-NRPP listed device (CR-8306), a professional continuous radon monitor for home inspectors and radon professionals

Remote Access

Radon web service and mobile application allows you to check the data at any time anywhere if you connect RadonEye Pro device to the inspection site's Wi-Fi network. You can check the real-time data status and problems (vibration or black out) that are automatically uploaded to the server. Or you can set measurement conditions and check data using Bluetooth up to 10m distance.

Web Dashboard

Outstanding Sensitivity

The sensitivity of the sensor is 30cph / pCi / l, and the radon level in the sealed space within 1 hour can be measured within ± 10% precision.

The Best Professional Radon Detector

  • On-Demand Monitoring

    Remote access and management of devices

  • Accurate

    High Accuracy and Sensitivity 0.5cpm/pCi/l (30cph/pCi/l)

  • Affordable

    $795 compared to other competitors' prices over $ 1000

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