Radon in Schools

radon school

Radon gas is an invisible threat to the health of people indoors everywhere. However, fewer people spend more time indoors than children in the classroom do, putting them at a greater risk to the risks of radon gas exposure than most. What risks do children run by being exposed to radon gas in schools? Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that possesses no smell, taste, or color, allowing it to build up in dangerous concentrations inside schools, homes, and offices.  Over time and given enough exposure, radon gas can cause lung cancer and other respiratory health issues. In fact, radon is...

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Independent Third-Party Testing Validates

Introduction As one of the leading suppliers of both consumer and professional electronic radon detection equipment, Ecosense has made a strong commitment to have its products available for independent third party testing.  The results to date are persuasive and have surprised radon professionals.   As is well known, rigorous laboratory-based determinations of radon concentration and the extension of the conclusions from such work to real world measurements are not a simple matter.  For instance, there are known effects of ambient temperature and humidity, low count rates leading to issues of signal-to-noise ratio, and there can be dramatic day-to-day variations of radon...

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Synergy between leading innovators

Ecosense Announces Strategic Partnership with REM  Together preventing harmful radon exposure July 6, 2020 - Ecosense Inc. (Ecosense) and Radon Environmental Management Corp (REM) are excited to announce a new strategic partnership in North America, which will strengthen and expand their offering of high-performance radon measurement solutions to prevent harmful exposure and save lives.  “Our strategic alignment with REM creates great synergy between two leading innovators, moving the needle towards best in-class radon gas monitoring solution. The continuous service era, comprising of 24/7 mobile monitoring and on-demand mitigation services, is finally made possible by combining Ecosense’s cutting edge radon monitors with...

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Ecosense Referral Club - Partner With Us to Earn Cash

Ecosense Referral Club — Partner With Us to Earn Cash Every day, thousands of professionals worldwide, ranging from home inspectors to doctors, teachers, public safety officials, and radon mitigators work tirelessly to increase awareness about radon gas. Radon gas is colorless, tasteless, odorless, radioactive — and is in homes, schools, offices, libraries, and many other indoor spaces where people gather. Unlike other forms of air pollution, however, radon gas affects indoor air quality, meaning the only way to know the severity of radon gas exposure from building to building is to monitor for it using a radon detector. At Ecosense, we think...

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Encouraging a Deeper Doctor-Patient Dialog on the Risks of Lung Cancer

Ecosense published the article in CR3 News Magazine 2020 VOL 3: MAY Medical Check this out! -- Encouraging a Deeper Doctor-Patient Dialog on the Risks of Lung Cancer Most of us are lucky enough to have a trusted primary care physician who gives us a thorough check-up once a year.  Amidst the application of pokes and prods, and diagnostics new and old, we have conversations.  Time is taken to discuss existing conditions, review lab work, adjust medications, and talk about those many supplements we all take thinking they will reduce our of risk or this that.  Some risks are inherent...

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