We envision to become the globally trusted provider of radon monitoring solutions improving the quality of living and health for everyone. 




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We envision to become the globally trusted provider of radon monitoring solutions improving the quality of living and health for everyone.


Ecosense is an innovator in the radon monitoring industry providing people peace of mind through its intelligent and highly accurate radon detectors for homes, educational campuses, assisted living centers, community centers and commercial buildings. The company's smart real-time radon monitors integrate a patented high accuracy ion chamber detection technology together with state-of-art analysis and processing software capable of delivering the first accurate radon result in minutes not days.

Ecosense is based in the heart of Silicon Valley, California. 


Ecosense radon monitors are built using patented ion chamber technology resulting in a high detection performance of 30 CPH (counts per hour) per pCi/L. This superior detection (sensitivity) performance continues to set the highest benchmark for consumer and professional radon monitoring solutions, and delivers 15 times better in performance than the industry standard specification set by ANSI/AARST. A direct result of 30 CPH per pCi/L performance is that the first radon level measurement is available in 10 minutes after initiated power-up with follow-on reliable result in just 1 hour. Quite simply, this means if the radon levels dramatically rise in your house, you will know this in hours rather than days as compared to other home radon monitors.

Ecosense's patented ion chamber technology performance has been independently validated by studies performed at the University of Michigan (Dept. of Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Science) and the Kansa State University Radon Chamber. Results from both studies concluded that Ecosense’s radon detection technology performed significantly better than expected for a highly affordable device, while demonstrating performance comparable to premium research grade detectors.

Ecosense has a strong commitment in making radon detection and monitoring easy, accurate, and fast - this is key to empowering more consumers to lead a safe and healthy lifestyle.


Ecosense, based in the heart of Silicon Valley, is focused on game changing technology helping people lead safer and healthier lives. Interested in joining our team?
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