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New Concept for Radon Professionals

NRPP-Approved Set of Radon Detectors Bundled forEnhanced Efficiency and Cost Savings in the Hands of Radon Professionals


About EcoQube Pro

NRPP-approved for accuracy and precision, it delivers fast and reliable results without the need for confirmatory tests. Certified lab reports are generated within minutes, complemented by state activity reports where applicable, for comprehensive insights. Effortless project management is at your fingertips with user-friendly scheduling and simple device deployment via our web dashboard and mobile app. Welcome to the future of radon testing with the EcoQube Pro.

  • NRPP-approved analysis lab
  • Time-saving: Automatic shut-off & report-ready
  • Accurate & comprehensive analysis
  • Streamlined project management via app & dashboard
  • We take care of the calibration

Choose EcoQube Pro Package For Your Testing


45-unit Premium Case

For Large Projects

Premium package includes:
Large waterproof hard case with foam insert to hold devices,
3 separate storage compartments in the lid, 45 devices, 45 power adapters, 100 3M removable adhesive strips

  • $35.00 USD/month/unit
  • Minimum 6–month lease
  • Autopay after 6 months
  • Account activation fee: $100.00 USD 

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4-unit Pro Pack

For Single Tests

Pro package includes:
Portable waterproof bag with foam insert to hold devices,
4 devices, 4 power adapters, 10 3M removable adhesive strips

  • $45.00 USD/month/unit
  • Minimum 6–month lease
  • Autopay after 6 months
  • Account activation fee: $100.00 USD

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Ready-to-use service package


Faster turnaround time

Near-immediate results - no mailing devices to the lab


Reduced project costs

Test an unlimited number of locations with reusable detectors


Easy scheduling & deployment

Simple to manage projects, devices and testers


Accurate and detailed test results

Superior sensor technology - counting efficiency 30 cph/pCi/L


Versatile: Large and small-scale uses

Affordable lease packages

EcoQube Pro Vs Passive Charcoal Test Kit

EcoQube Pro empowers you to stay in command of your radon testing endeavors with ease.

EcoQube Pro

Passive Charcoal Test Kit

Radon sensitivity

30 cph/pCi/L*

Time to 90% accuracy

10 hours

Reading interval

10 minutes

Single reading

Data detail

Rolling hourly averages & real-time
radon trend analysis

Single reading

Test results

Read directly from device, report ready
upon test completion

Mail to lab for analysis (1-2 weeks)

Professional interpretation

Not needed

Separate lab interpretation required



Single use

EcoQube Pro Applications

back-side-modern-english-apartment (1).jpg__PID:5f06fec7-07d2-41db-8b20-333a89602f70

multi-family homes and offices


Single-family homes


Schools and care facilities


Government Buildings


Commercial & Mix-use buildings

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