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Our latest palm sized, intelligent radon gas monitor,  you can access anytime, anywhere from your smartphone.




Our popular first generation, smart radon gas monitor with highly accurate, fast results on a display or on your smartphone.


Compare EcoQube and RadonEye Radon Monitor

Our latest palm sized, intelligent radon gas monitor, you can access anytime, anywhere from your smartphone.

Our popular first generation smart radon monitor with accurate and fast results on a display or smartphone

Detection TechnologyPulsed Ionization Chamber  Pulsed Ionization Chamber  
Radon Sensitivity30CPH (count per hour) per 1 pCi/L 
30CPH (count per hour) per 1 pCi/L 
Radon Accuracy/Precision
< ±10% after 10 hours (@10 pCi/L )
< ±10% after 10 hours (@10 pCi/L )
Radon Measurement Rate
Every 10 minutesEvery 10 minutes
Radon Measurement Result
60 minutes moving average
60 minutes moving average
Onboard Result Display
OLED screen
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Audio Alarm
Radon LED IndicatorYes-
Monitor Sharing
Mobile AppiOS, AndroidiOS, Android
Multiple Monitors App SupportYes-
Notifications (Push)Yes-

Wow! I would've paid more for this gem. Holy smokes.
The accuracy is amazing, however only the before and after mitigation measurements along with the delta, are all that really matter. Incredible piece of technology that absolutely blew me away. So glad to have made this purchase. Also awesome that I can let family and friends borrow it to gauge their own radon levels. Just awesome.

Amazon Reviewer

Was a little nervous if this would work well or not but it had been great! We wanted to test to see how our levels were and then our in a system and still use it to monitor. I love the app feature and love that you can see how the levels have progressed!
Highly recommend.

Amazon Reviewer

Plugged it in right out of the box and within a couple hours I got a reading matching the 48 hour measurement returned by the ProLabs mail-in kit. I now get unlimited measurements for the price of three mail-in kits. Downloaded the Android app and immediately connected via Bluetooth. The app allows me to get current readings on the RadonEye unit in the basement without having to run up and down the stairs. Very happy with this product.

Amazon Reviewer

Plug it in and it works. The associated app is great and allows long term trend monitoring. Tested in parallel with canister type devices and produced numbers in agreement but with much finer granularity of data (not just a long term average).

Amazon Reviewer