Radon-Free Campaign

Radon risks are totally preventable if we test the right way

In support of radon evangelists, Ecosense presents Radon-Free Campaign—an initiative aimed at increasing awareness about the health risks caused by toxic radon gas.


As a globally trusted provider of radon detection and monitoring, Ecosense stands side by side with dedicated radon evangelists. Our journey is marked by a touching reality: too often, people become aware of radon dangers when it's too late. We receive heartfelt messages from clients who really wish they had known about radon danger and had found the Ecosense solutions earlier, a sentiment that fuels our determination to change this narrative. 

The truth is, that radon risks are totally preventable with early detection and continuous monitoring. With our radon advocates team, we aim to touch hearts, increase radon awareness, and, most importantly, save lives.

We invite you to join our mission, share your story, and lend your voice to the cause. Together, let's create a world where no one has to say, "I wish I had known sooner.”

Meet Our Radon Advocates Team

Bill Johnson:

Bill Johnson passionately advocates for radon gas awareness, stressing continuous monitoring as crucial for preventing lung cancer. Drawing from his own battle with lung cancer, he shares his story to prevent similar tragedies.  Since his diagnosis, Bill has relied on the EcoQube radon monitor as his trusted tool for assessing radon levels in his home. Occupying minimal space, this device provides Bill with a profound sense of security, compelling him to extend this peace of mind to his community.

Bill Johnson's Radon-Free Campaign spearheads efforts to garner donations aimed at supplying affordable housing in Summit County and Park City, Utah, with life-saving radon monitors.

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Kerri Robbins:

Kerri Robbins bravely recounts her journey with non-smoking lung cancer, a silent menace that initially showed no symptoms. Since her life-altering diagnosis, Kerri has embarked on a mission to spread awareness about radon health risks, emphasizing the critical importance of testing. She candidly admits that she was once unaware of radon's dangers and apprehensive about mitigating her home, but found the process to be manageable. Now, Kerri passionately advocates for continuous radon monitoring post-mitigation, recognizing that radon levels can fluctuate unpredictably. In this endeavor, she finds solace and support from EcoBlu, her trusted companion in maintaining peace of mind every day.

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