Raise radon awareness while getting rewarded with


Ecosense Referral Club is a great way for consumers and radon professionals to increase radon awareness in your community, and get rewarded by referring Ecosense radon monitors. 

Radon levels are fluctuating constantly - Ecosense radon monitors are designed to track these fluctuating levels fast and accurately.

Did you know that

  • According to the EPA, radon is responsible for about 21,000 lung cancer annual deaths.
  • Radon exposure is not elective like smoking.
  • Nearly 1 in 15 homes in the U.S. is estimated to have high radon levels. 


Increase radon awareness among your friends and family by promoting a healthier lifestyle

Anybody using your code will receive a 5% discount on all Ecosense monitors 

You will receive a referral commission based on the Club Level you’ve qualified for  

There’s no inventory to carry, or investment to make - we’ll drop ship orders to your client



Raise radon awareness in your community with Ecosense. Fill out a quick form to become a Referral Club member today.


Share your referral link or your unique discount code with your colleagues and friends - they’ll receive 5% off on all Ecosense monitors.


Earn the commission rate for the Club Level you’ve qualified for. The more you refer, the higher the commission level you can achieve! 


Ecosense Referral Club allows the most active members to earn even higher commissions when you refer Ecosense radon monitors to your customers, friends and family. 

Give 5% discount and Get 5% commission

I want to increase radon awareness in my community and earn a new revenue stream

Give 5% discount and Get 10% commission

I’m a radon professional and usually refer Ecosense monitors on a regular basis

Give 5% discount and Get 12% commission

I’ve been so successful in referring Ecosense monitors that it has become an important part of my business model

Give 5% discount and Get 15% commission

I’m a referring guru, and my commission is a great source of extra revenue! 

Have your Referral Handout Ready

To help our Referral Club Members, we have prepared a Referral Club Handout that you can give to your customers, friends and family with details about the program - just pass it on.

  • Include your contact information and discount code
  • Educate referees on the dangers of radon in their homes or businesses
  • Provide details on Ecosense’s industry-leading radon monitors 

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