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RadonEye Pro - Radon Testing

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RadonEye Pro, NRPP and NRSB certified, is tailored for professional radon inspectors to conduct efficient, simultaneous property inspections. Its design not only enhances inspection quality and report generation but also boosts productivity. Affordable and versatile, it enables the inspection of multiple homes concurrently, with easy management and adjustments from your mobile or desktop.


EcoTracker - Quickly Locate Radon Hotspots

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EcoTracker bundles four radon detectors into a compact system which allows professionals to rapidly and easily measure multiple locations at the same time. Measuring radon levels at the exact same time allows easy identification of radon variation in homes, schools, daycare centers, or commercial buildings. Each of the detectors uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to broadcast its data to an app installed on the phone or tablet.


EcoQube Pro - Lease Program for Radon Testing

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NRPP-approved for accuracy and precision, it delivers fast and reliable results without the need for confirmatory tests. Certified lab reports are generated within minutes, complemented by state activity reports where applicable, for comprehensive insights. Effortless project management is at your fingertips with user-friendly scheduling and simple device deployment via our web dashboard and mobile app. Welcome to the future of radon testing with the EcoQube Pro.


Ecosense Learning Center

Radon Professionals can now access on-demand sessions to kickstart their careers or renew their NRPP/NRSB certifications or state licenses. Alongside paid courses, ELC serves as a platform to train customers with RadonEye Pro product-specific sessions, free of charge.


EcoGuard - Professional Radon Monitoring Service

Grow your radon business by generating new revenue with EcoGuard Long-Term Continuous Radon Monitoring Service.

EcoGuard Service:

  • Pairs multiple EcoGuard CRMs with a single professional dashboard.
  • Provides long-term, real-time hourly radon data from the deployed location you can access from anywhere.
  • A win-win combination: your clients get peace of mind while your business has a passive revenue stream.