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RadonEye Pro


Empower your inspections with the right radon monitor. 
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What sets the RadonEye Pro apart is it's remote monitoring function, which allows us to quickly flag issues especially when time related to real estate transactions is running out. The interface is fast, easy and reliable. The affordability of the unit has allowed us to expand the amount of equipment we have more quickly.

Robert, Owner
Robert's Radon, Maryland

As our company grew we were finding it difficult to track our fleet of 15 Continuous Radon Monitors from another well known manufacturer. It was important for us to not only find not only a great monitor, but also one that offered a great app for tracking, easy reporting, and exceptional customer service. Which is exactly what we found with the RadonEye Pro and Ecosense. We will not hesitate to order more of these as we need them.

Matt, General Manager
Trademark Home Inspection, LLC, Michigan