Benefits of Long-Term Radon Monitoring Services - EcoGuard, Offered by Ecosense and its Partners

by Peter C. Foller, Ph.D.

EcoGuard for homeowners

In conjunction with its home inspection and radon mitigation partners, Ecosense introduces a new way to ensure your home is safe from the dangers of radon-- the Ecosense Radon Managed Service (ERMS) EcoGuard.  Utilizing the Wi-Fi capabilities of the EcoQube, the company’s 2021 CES Innovations award-winning consumer radon detector, which was also named to TIME’s 100 Best Inventions of 2021, it is now possible to have continuous professional oversight of the fluctuating radon levels in your home.  Rather than just testing, which you may not be fully confident in, instead, consider professional monitoring.

There are several reasons you might prefer the involvement of a professional through a monitoring service.  Home radon levels are well known to vary all the time with weather and through the seasons.  One-time short-term testing does not necessarily give an accurate characterization of exposure.  A professional is in the best position to make a judgment on whether or not, over the course of seasons, the radon levels present in your home are actionable.  If you are not particularly tech-savvy, short of time, or not of the “do-it-yourself” mentality, setting up and properly placing a continuous electronic radon monitor may not be something you want to take on alone. 

EcoGuard’s monthly monitoring plans allow you to subscribe for as long as necessary to make a definite determination.  If it turns out your home is in the clear, the EcoQube S used can then be redeployed to another home to help someone else’s family.  In such circumstances, the EcoGuard service can be a low-cost approach to a thorough multi-season evaluation.  If your home’s radon levels test near to or above 4 pico-Curies per liter (the EPA guideline), you will be glad of having the benefit of professional input on your decision on whether or not to install a mitigation system. 

 The EcoGuard service uses the EcoQube S radon monitor by Ecosense, the present state-of-the-art in consumer radon monitors.  The EcoQube S provides industry-leading sensitivity, programmable alert levels, a user-friendly app to monitor real-time radon levels, and software capability for real-time dashboard viewing by your radon professional.

The EcoGuard monthly subscription will be available through home inspectors and radon mitigators.  It will also be offered by mitigators post-mitigation, providing the following value:  to demonstrate that the work completed adequately addresses your home’s unique situation, to see that the strategy employed holds up through the seasons, and to monitor for any upsets.  The subscription service offered by partnering professionals may typically include other benefits, such as discounts on future service calls. 

Ask your local home inspector or radon professional about the specifics of the EcoGuard packages they offer.  Consider it an investment in peace of mind.