Ecosense Enables Home Inspectors to Grow their Business by Offering Continuous Radon Monitoring as a Service

by Peter C. Foller, Ph.D.


EcoGuard radon monitoring service

As a home inspector, you might sometimes wonder what more you can do for your customers.  A challenge of being a home inspector is that you often end up providing a one-time service for your customers and then must move on to finding new ones.  Are there ways to maintain hard-won relationships and find recurring revenue?  Let’s consider radon.  You know there can be wide daily and seasonal variations.  Do your single tests, often for only 48 hours, really allow you to make the promise that your client’s home is radon-safe? 

What if you could offer a state-of-the-art, Wi-Fi enabled, continuous electronic radon monitor and make the promise that it allows professional oversight of their home throughout the seasons?  Such is the premise behind EcoGuard, a new radon-monitoring service from Ecosense: not one-time testing, but professional continuous monitoring.  It is a service you may especially want to propose in homes where you determine short-term levels are borderline (say between 2 and 4 pCi/L).  However, even at higher short-term levels, your customers may wish to monitor for longer periods of time prior to considering the expense of mitigation.


EcoGuard uses a specially designed version of the consumer EcoQube, a  palm-sized award-winning Wi-Fi enabled consumer electronic radon monitor from Ecosense.  The modification is denoted as the EcoQube S.  It offers the same industry-leading sensitivity:  30 CPH/pCi/L (counts per hour per pico-Curie per liter) and combines this with custom software allowing centralized device and customer management.

The EcoQube won the 2021 CES Innovation award and was included in TIME’s List of Best Inventions of 2021 on the basis of its outstanding performance, user-friendliness, and intuitive graphical representations.  And now, Ecosense offers a new way for you, together with your customers, to access its benefits.  With the EcoGuard service, you can set up averaging periods and alerts thresholds, generate on-demand reports and invoices, and decide to react as necessary all from the convenience of a desktop dashboard.


Getting started with EcoGuard is easy.  Just sign up for the service at and order any number of EcoQube S radon monitors using the EcoGuard dashboard.  Next, install  these at your customers’ homes and activate them using their Wi-Fi.  You can then begin to monitor from anywhere.  Anytime.

You may find your customers have different reasons to embrace subscription service.  Some may not wish to invest in a device for a potentially short-term investigation.  Others may not be particularly tech-savvy or be confident in learning proper setup and positioning.  They may have limited time to research the interpretation of results and would rather trust a professional’s judgment.  In the case where you are inspecting a home with an existing radon mitigation system, by offering EcoGuard you may find your customer is interested in monitoring whether or not their system stays working and whether it is optimally effective through the seasons.  


The EcoGuard subscription service offers a new and sticky way for you to grow your business and to help grow radon awareness in your community.  It allows you to differentiate from your competition.  For a one-time acquisition fee and an affordable monthly fee, the home inspector gets the EcoQube S Wi-Fi enabled continuous radon monitor, access to it through an easy to use dashboard software, and fast customer support.  In turn, inspectors can charge their own monthly/annual fee, depending upon what else might be included in the plans they create.  The home inspector owns the EcoQube S after payment of the one-time acquisition fee.  Thus, he or she is free to redeploy the device to a next customer once the first customer’s situation is sufficiently resolved.  The home inspector’s own subscription plans might include additional elements such as third-party home warranties and prearranged discounts with local service providers.  

The home inspector has a laudable mission: to save their customers time and money while preventing losses, injury, or even life-threatening health outcomes.  And when it comes to all aspects of radon detection, both professional and consumer, we at Ecosense are proud to be a trusted partner in your efforts.