Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the minimum and maximum duration of measurement?

A: The minimum measurement duration can be as short as 2 hours and maximum measurement duration can be up to 240 hours.  However, EPA recommendation is 48 hours for a standard home inspection.

Q. Since the accuracy of the radon values are similar to other devices after 48 hours, what is the advantage of real time detection?

A: RadonEye Pro's real time sensor technology provides a moving average value every hour (updated every 10 minutes) which enables home owners to mitigate radon concentration immediately by opening windows and/or turning on their ventilators.  In the cases of home inspection; if there is a wide variation of readings, it could mean someone altered the environment by openning the door or windows, in which case, they can re-start the inspection remotely.

Q. Is it possible to know if and when the device was tempered  or moved?

A: Yes, due to our high sensitivity delivering real time detection, you can set an alarm notification to detect any sudden changes. (powered disruption, moved, etc.)  You can also view the inspection results to see when the disruption occurred. 

Q. How do you check the radon concentration value real time?

A: If you have Wi-Fi connection during inspection, the data is automatically saved to the server every 10 minutes.  To that end, you can check the real time measurement through your Web and through your downloaded mobile App.

Q. In cases where there is no Wi-Fi available, how does the data get uploaded to the server?

A: There are 2 options:  You can access through a separate AP device (not provided) or you can upload the data through your connected mobile device via BLE when the inspection is complete.  (in the latter case, you will not have access to real time data outside of BLE range)

Q. Can multiple users be allowed to register to a single device?

A: Yes, the registered admistrator (1st user) can add multiple new insptectors through the Web and also transfer the admistrative fuctions by going to "Transfer Authority" page. 

Q. What can I do differently from the Web compare to the mobile App?

A: Most of the functions are the same in the Web ( as are in the mobile App; except there are more detailed functions in device and client management which allows for more proactive management.

Q. Is your device certified by NRPP or NRSB?

A: Yes, this device is NRPP listed for professional home inspectors and can be found at the website below. #CR-8306 / FTLab RadonEye RD200P

Q. What happens if there is a power outage during an inspection?

A: In the case of a power outage the device will continue to log the 48 hours of data once the power is back on.  (e.g. if power was out for 2 hours, the device will pick up where it left off when the power is back on.  Run time total is 50 hours from the start of inspection with 48 hours of data)  For areas with frequent power supply issues, we recommend using a secondary battery as an option (20Ah can last up to 72 hours).  Your device comes with the needed accessories like step up cable and battery pouch.

Q. What is included in the purchased package?

A: Our RD200P comes with a carring bag, tripod holder, 12V adapter, extension cable, step-up cable, battery pouch, quick manual, and calibration certificate.  (battery and tripod are not included)

Q. What is the maximum measurement value of RD200P?

A: Maximum measurement value = 255pCi/L (or 9,435 Bq/m3).  For any value beyond this reading, the dislplay will show "OVER" on it.

Q. How often and where can I get the devices calibrated?

A: Calibration is required every 12 months (for professional products) by law from the date of the original calibration date. We have an agreement with Bowser Morner in the US for this service. Bowser-Morner, Inc. (Radon Reference Laboratory) / 937-236-8805 ext. 259

Q. What is the life cyle of this device?

A: RD200P can last as long as you take good care of it.  However, we recommend upgrading after ~5 years

Q. What is the warranty duration for RD200P?

A: 1 year from time of purchase

Q. Who do I contact for additional support?

A: Ecosense, Inc.
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