Frequently Asked Questions

What is radon?

Radon is a colorless, tasteless, and odorless radioactive gas that exists naturally. Natural elements such as soil and rock include uranium (or thorium) that continuously and spontaneously decay to form radon. Exposure to high concentration radon is known to cause lung and stomach cancer.

Is there a standard method to measure indoor radon concentration?

EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has set the following standards for measuring radon for an indoor area. EPA recommends all radon measurements be made over a minimum of 24 hours in either the lowest liveable or lowest lived location of the house depending upon the future occupancy of the house. Measurements made for less than 4 days need to have the windows and exterior doors closed except for normal entry and exit.

Does radon value fluctuate?

Radon is one of the radioactive elements that exists in a gaseous state and fluctuates with change in the environment. (air circulation, temperature, air pressure, etc.)  To that end, low sensitivity devices that can only measure radon concentration over 24~48 hours will not be able to detect real time fluctuation of radon. Further, without ventilation, low level radon can aggregate to dangerous levels over time so it is important to monitor it continuously to take immediate corrective action.  

Is it possible to get a varying radon measurement from different devices even if the measurement was done at the same time and location?

Yes, the measurement readings from multiple devices can vary as the radiation release (decay volume) is not consistent even while it is located in the same room.  To that end, each device has a recommended measurement time (based on sensitivity) to achieve high accuracy.  Our radon eye series has variability of ±0.5 pCi/L  for 1 hour of measurement which is best in our class. (If 1 hour reading is 2.0 pCi/L, the radon value is within the range of 1.5 to 2.5 pCi/L)  

What is the harmful level of radon concentration?

U.S. EPA recommended radon reduction remediation at a level of 2 pCi/L  or higher (high risk level = 4 pCi/L) 

Is there correlation between weather conditions and radon concentration?

In general, radon levels tend to be higher in winters than summers and in morning hours than during mid days.  Radon is also known to rise on rainy days.

What is the warranty duration for RD200P, RD200?

1 year from time of purchase

Who do I contact for additional support?

Email to

Or leave a message here

What are the commissions for the referral program?

The commission is 10% of the product price and the purchaser gets a 5% discount.


How much log data can the Radon Eye RD200 store?

The Radon Eye RD200 is capable of storing 8,760 data logs. Since the device stores one data log per hour 24 hours/day x 365 days a year, the 8,760 data log storage space conveniently keeps one year of data. Once the 8,760 data log storage capacity has been reached, the Radon Eye RD200 will delete the oldest data and replace it with the newest in order to continuously log recent data.

Why are daily and monthly averages lost when the device is reset?

Because the Radon Eye RD200 does not have a time-keeping function, both daily and monthly data are erased when the device is reset.

Why can’t I see time-related data, like weekly data logs, on the device’s OLED display?

The Radon Eye RD200 does not have an internal clock, therefore it does not display data according to a calendar or time interval. Instead, you can use the device’s BLE connectivity to monitor and view time-related data via the Ecosense app on your smartphone.

How do I update my Radon Eye RD200’s firmware?

When an essential firmware update is released by the Ecosense team, you will receive a pop-up alert for upgrading your device’s firmware upon connecting to it via Bluetooth.

Why is the word 'OVER' on being displayed on my device’s screen?

When the actual measurement result goes above the Radon Eye RD200 measurement range, the word ‘OVER’ is displayed on the device’s OLED screen. Measurement range is from 0.2—99.9 pCi/l.

How can I force the device to reset?

The RadonEye RD200 does not have a dedicated reset button on the device. If you need to reset the device, please use the app and go to device Settings → Reset Data.

The screen is displaying ‘0.00’ and ‘------’, what does it mean?

In instances when the actual radon value is 0, you will receive a ‘0.00’ reading on Radon Eye RD200’s OLED display. However, to double-check against the possibility of a measurement error, please use the device to measure radon levels at a different location. If you receive a radon value at the new location higher than ‘0.00’, then your original location’s reading is likely accurate. Receiving a radon reading of ‘0.00’ after measuring in several different locations may indicate a problem with your device.

There is a tiny tab above the device’s OLED screen. What does this tab do, and will removing it affect the Radon Eye RD200 Radon Monitor’s accuracy?

This tab is connected to a thin film used to protect the OLED screen from scratches. Removing it will not affect the device’s performance.

After receiving the Radon Eye RD200, I powered it on. 10 minutes later, the device displayed a radon measurement result of ‘6’. After 7 hours, the result reading is still climbing. What does this mean?

The Radon Eye RD200 measures one-hour moving averages and stores the result as log data (which you can access, view, and share via the Radon Eye app on your phone or desktop). Radon gas measurements tend to increase in the early morning or when air circulation is at its lowest (i.e., during winter when your windows remain closed for long periods). Increasing radon measurement results indicate that the area you are measuring with the device is accumulating radon gas. Because the device provides accurate hourly results, you can determine when radon gas buildup is increasing, and create a plan to mitigate it with a radon professional.

I have two Radon Eye RD200 radon monitors. I powered them on within 6 feet of each other. The monitor on the left displays a 0.7 pCi/l reading after 6 hours, while the unit on the right is displaying a reading of 1.1 pCi/l. What does this mean?

Radon gas buildup can vary greatly even within relatively small spaces and distances. If your Radon Eye RD200 devices are measuring radon buildup in the same area but display different results, then environmental factors within the room (venting, window and doorway locations) should be considered.

Can I position the Radon Eye RD200 radon monitor directly on the floor?

As per EPA guidelines, we recommend that you place your Radon Eye monitor a minimum of 20 inches above the floor, and 20 inches away from the wall.

Does the Radon Eye RD200 radon detector need to be re-calibrated? How can I calibrate it?

The Radon Eye RD200 does not need to be calibrated. However, the Radon Eye Pro model does require recalibration after one year of use. Recalibration services are available to Radon Eye Pro owners at a discounted rate. Please contact us for more information.

I’m trying to install the Radon Eye app for my iPhone, but it says that I need to upgrade to at least iOS 13. Is there any other way to use the app without upgrading my iOS version?

At this time, there is no option for using the Radon Eye iPhone app with any iOS version older than iOS 13. Upon release, iOS 13 introduced significant changes to the codebase. Please upgrade your iPhone to iOS 13 to use the Radon Eye app.

Is there an alarm on the unit if the radon levels exceed the US or Canadian actionable levels?

Yes, the user may set the desired alarm level.

What is the service life of the RadonEye?

It is guaranteed for 1 year and has an expected service life of 5 years.

RadonEye Pro

Updated new features (iOS 1.2.8, Android 1.0.9)

1. Any registered inspector can now complete, download and register the inspection to the server, even if he/she is not the one who started the inspection.<
2. We have added min/max/overall average/EPA protocol average to the exported inspection data file and report.
3. Registered logos can be reused in the next report.
4. New Radon levels and status based on EPA and WHO recommendations; 0~<2.7 : No Action Required, 2.7~<4 : Some Concern. 4~ : Action Required
5. New Radon level status detail popup
6. Updated inspection setting for wait time (2h -> 4h)
Click here for instructions on new features

How can I import my company's logo, photographs, and other design elements into the report I generate?

To add your own logo/media, please click the camera icon located on the upper right side of the report screen. Registered logos can be reused in the next report. When you upload a logo when generating a report, the last logo you uploaded is always automatically included in the report.

Does the Pro have any tamper monitoring?

Yes, an accelerometer. It shows time the device was tempered in the raw data and app.

RadonEye Pro calibration service

The RadonEye Pro requires calibration once a year.
Calibration service in Canada is RSIC (Radiation Safety Institute of Canada).
Calibration service in the USA is Bowser-morner.

What are the battery usage specifications? Does this battery life account for both Bluetooth and WiFi functions being turned on?

WiFi and Bluetooth functions can't be independently switched off – therefore the quoted battery life is when both are switched on and running (by default). To increase battery life and device performance, use a 30Ah battery instead of a 20Ah battery. RadonEye and RadonEye Pro require DC 12 volts input to operate. Any standard 5 volt battery pack can be used if a 5 volt to 12 volt adaptor cable is used. The required power adapter plug size is 5.5mm x 2.1mm. The device has a 70-hours battery life using a 20Ah/5V battery bank or 105-hours battery life using a 30Ah/5V battery bank.

Which battery does Ecosense recommend I purchase for increasing the runtime of my RadonEye Pro radon monitor?

To give Ecosense customers the widest choice possible, the RadonEye Pro was built to work with any portable battery that supports 12V output.

I can't read the screen because the text and background color are the same. How can I fix it?

RadonEye Pro app does not support the dark mode of the phone settings. To change the display settings, go to Settings --> Display & Brightness --> Check Light Appearance (Not Dark mode)

Where can I buy the RadonEye Pro?

The RadonEye Pro is available for purchase directly from Ecosense at

Does the Pro generate a report in Becquerels?

Yes, units can be changed using a toggle within the set-up software. However, to generate a report with the changed unit, when setting up the device, you need to connect to Wi-Fi and save the changed unit to the server.

Is there a software API for extracting data?

We do not support the data collection via API at the moment.

Can a device be attached to a tripod?


Can I turn off the readings on the display?


Is there an alarm function built into the device?