RadonEye Pro Reporting Compliance Update

Update RadonEye Pro Reporting Compliance
Ecosense has updated RadonEye Pro mobile app and web dashboard enabling users to generate test reports that are compliant with the ANSI/AARST standards and State requirements.

The updated data collection and report software are available to all RadonEye Pro users as of November 8th, 2022.

What we’ve updated:

  • Enhanced the Standard Radon Report (Basic) template to include more inspection information and customization. Now, in addition to the existing template, you can add the following to your Standard Radon Report:
    • Measurement details
    • Tester license number
    • Up to 2 images in the Measurement environments section
    • Up to 2 images in the Comments section
    • ANSI-AARST MAH-2019 recommendations
  • Added ANSI/AARST Standard Compliance Radon Report - a template that meets all MAH-2019 report requirements
  • Enabled the admin to create pre-configured ANSI/AARST Standard Compliance Report Templates (for example, each technician has a pre-configured template)
  • Added an auto-fill feature for State Reporting Requirements based on the location where the test is conducted (state radon office contact information auto-filled into the report)
  • Added device calibration 30-day reminder notification


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What are the ANSI/AARST Standards and State Requirements?


As a state-licensed or NRPP-certified radon tester, you could be penalized if you do not conform to the ANSI/AARST standard and/or specific state requirements. Check out the ANSI/AARST standards including the MAH-2019 for testing single-family residences. Even if you aren’t state-licensed or NRPP-certified, the best practice is to follow the ANSI/AARST standards for testing and reporting. This will provide you with the most complete radon test service for your customers.

Types of Radon Report Templates Available:

As of November 8th, 2022

  • Standard Report Template (Basic)
  • ANSI/AARST Standard Compliance Report Template
    • The default template (empty)
    • Pre-configured template (pre-filled by admin)

Video Tutorials:

RadonEye Pro mobile app updates: 

RadonEye Pro web dashboard updates: 

  • Step 1: How to create a pre-configured ANSI/AARST Standard Radon Report template - Watch the tutorial
  • Step 2: How to generate a pre-configured ANSI/AARST Standard Radon Report template - Watch the tutorial


Check out our latest webinar to learn more:

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Webinar host: Dallas Jones, Vice President, Ecosense
When: Thursday, December 1, 2022

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