RadonEye Pro is Now Available in New Jersey!

RadonEye Pro is Now Available in New Jersey

December 21, 2021 -  We are pleased to announce that our RadonEye Pro has been approved by the NJDEP for use in the state of New Jersey. The certified lab that will be processing the test results is Fran the Radon Man, LLC.

Today, we have over 1000 Pro units in the field throughout North America. Here are just a few of the reasons why so many Home Inspectors and Radon Measurement Professionals have made the switch to the RadonEye Pro:

  • NRPP and NRSB listed
  • Patented Ion Chamber technology delivers highest sensitivity performance 30 CPH (counts per hour)
  • Easy, customizable report generation from mobile app and web dashboard
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for maximum connectivity and remote data access
  • Strong 7 day a week tech support and customer service when you need it
  • Most affordable certified CRM – up to 20% lower than the competition

Overall, the RadonEye Pro offers an industry leading combination of speed, accuracy and affordability that can’t be topped. 

To use the RadonEye Pro in NJ, contact Fran the Radon Man:

We truly believe you'll like the RadonEye Pro! Order yours today! 

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