EcoQube Named CES 2021 Innovation Awards Honoree

SAN JOSE, Calif., Jan. 6, 2021 — Just weeks after its launch announcement , the intelligent and highly accurate radon monitoring solution EcoQube by
was selected as a CES 2021 Innovation Awards Honoree. A palm-sized radon detector with outsized features, the EcoQube utilizes Ecosense's patented ion chamber radon detection technology, which provides a radon measurement sensitivity performance that is 15 times better than the industry standard required for continuous radon monitors.

While other home radon detectors can be slow and not as accurate, Ecosense's real-time monitors utilize a patented ion chamber technology resulting in a high detection performance (30 counts per hour per pCi/L). This technology can determine radon levels every 10 minutes as compared to other detectors, which only report radon levels from up to two days of prior exposure. Additionally, this means the first radon level result from the EcoQube is available in 10 minutes after its initial set-up with reliable results in just one hour.

“Since 2019, we’ve worked tirelessly to develop accurate, real-time and affordable radon monitoring solutions that people can rely on to create safe and healthy indoor environments. We are very honored to have our work recognized by having our recently released EcoQube chosen as a CES 2021 Innovation Awards Honoree,” said Insoo Park, CEO of Ecosense. “We’re committed to being an innovator and globally trusted provider of radon detectors and will continue to seek new ways to bring residents, families, and businesses solutions that improve their health and quality of living.”

The EcoQube makes tracking indoor radon levels easy and intuitive as the device pairs with a user-friendly smartphone app for set-up, configuration, real-time monitoring of radon levels, data on historical trends and alert notifications. Users can also share radon level results with trusted individuals directly through the app. The EcoQube is always monitoring to ensure safe and healthy indoor radon levels and presents a real-time status update as indicated by a simple color-coded LED display located on the front side of the device. In addition to its industry-leading radon detection performance, the compact EcoQube presents a clean and modern look, allowing it to be conveniently and discreetly placed within any interior setting. 

Ecosense's patented ion chamber technology has been independently validated by studies performed at the University of Michigan (Dept. of Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Science) and the Kansas State University Radon Chamber. Both studies found that Ecosense's radon detection technology performed significantly better than expected for a very affordable device, while demonstrating performance comparable to research grade devices. The EcoQube is available for purchase on the Ecosense online shop and Amazon, as well as through approved channel partners. The CES Innovation Awards program honors outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products. It recognizes honorees in a multitude of consumer technology product categories and distinguishes the highest rated in each. CES Innovation Awards judges are highly respected experts in their fields and include consumer technology designers, engineers, and members of the media. 

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