Ecosense and US Inspect Join Forces to Offer Exclusive Pricing on Home Radon Solutions

US Inspect, the Nation’s Leading Home Inspection Company, to Participate in the Ecosense Referral Club

Ecosense and US Inspect

July 25, 2023, San Jose, California -  Ecosense®, a leading provider of innovative home radon monitoring and detection solutions, is pleased to partner with US Inspect, the nation's premier home inspection company. This collaboration will enable US Inspect clients to access select pricing on Ecosense's home radon solutions, reinforcing the commitment to radon awareness and promoting informed decision-making for homeowners.

As part of this partnership, US Inspect incorporates a clickable radon ad in every home inspection report, regardless of whether clients ordered a radon gas test. By integrating the radon information into their digital reports, US Inspect ensures that more homeowners know the importance of monitoring radon levels and reducing the risk of lung cancer.

To further emphasize their collaboration, Ecosense is prominently displayed on the US Inspect website under the Partners page, offering convenient access to information about Ecosense's home radon solutions. "We are thrilled to partner with US Inspect and join forces in promoting radon awareness and ensuring the well-being of homeowners," stated Insoo Park, CEO of Ecosense.  "Through this collaboration, we aim to empower individuals to make informed decisions about the safety of their home by providing exclusive access to our innovative home radon solutions at special prices."

US Inspect, operating since 1987, has gained a solid reputation built on honesty, integrity, and excellent customer service in the home inspection industry. With national opportunities, US Inspect's dedication to delivering exceptional inspection experiences aligns seamlessly with Ecosense's commitment to providing homeowners with the best-performing radon sensor technology available for consumers. 

"US Inspect's partnership with Ecosense reflects our dedication to providing outstanding service to our customers as they navigate one of the most significant choices in their lives: purchasing or selling a home.," noted Tim Shelton, VP of Field Services at US Inspect. "By joining Ecosense, we can now offer  our clients exclusive pricing on home radon solutions, ensuring they have the necessary tools to maintain a safe and healthy living environment."

About US Inspect:

US Inspect is the nation's leading home inspection company, delivering high-quality residential inspections since 1987. With a team of experienced professionals, US Inspect is dedicated to providing honest, reliable, and comprehensive inspection services to homeowners and real estate professionals. Their commitment to exceptional customer experience has made them a trusted name in the industry.

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About Ecosense®

Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, Ecosense is a leader in and trusted provider of both professional and consumer radon detection and monitoring solutions that are easy to use, accurate, and fast.  The company's smart real-time radon detectors utilize a patented detection technology with high accuracy, delivering reliable results in minutes, not days. The EcoQube was named to TIME’s List of the 100 Best Inventions of 2021 and previously was recognized as a CES 2021 Innovation Awards Honoree in the health and wellness category. Ecosense’s patented ion chamber technology performance has received independent validation from the University of Michigan (Dept. of Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Science) and the Kansas State University Radon Chamber.  Both studies concluded that Ecosense’s patented technology performed comparably to premium research-grade detectors. 

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