Ecosense Launches Radon-Free Campaign In Partnership With Lung Cancer Survivor, Bill Johnson

Pioneering Radon Detection Company Aims to Raise Awareness on Preventable Radon Risks and Give Back To Community

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Park City, Utah - February 13, 2024Ecosense, a leading global provider of radon detection and monitoring solutions, proudly announces the launch of the Radon-Free Campaign in collaboration with lung cancer survivor and radon advocate, Bill Johnson. The initiative is designed to shed light on the health risks associated with toxic radon gas, emphasize the importance of early detection and continuous monitoring, and extend support to vulnerable communities by supplying radon solutions through charitable donations.

Bill Johnson, a father of two boys and a proponent of a young, healthy, and active lifestyle, recently shared his personal battle with lung cancer during a press event held by Ecosense. Despite displaying no classic lung cancer symptoms, Bill's life took an unexpected turn when he was diagnosed. Reflecting on his journey, Bill revealed that he had tested for radon with a basic kit 14 years ago when purchasing his home. The initial result appeared reassuring, leading him to dismiss radon concerns until his recent diagnosis.

Realizing the significance of continuous radon monitoring, Bill now employs Ecosense's award-winning  EcoQube, praising its ease of use, detailed app, compact size, and affordable price point. He underscores the advantages of daily monitoring, highlighting that if he had relied on a one-time test, he might never have discovered the root cause of his lung cancer.

As part of the Radon-Free Campaign, Bill Johnson is extending a special discount to his community, encouraging them to prioritize radon testing in their homes. Ecosense contributes through donations to Park City and Summit County Affordable Housing projects.

Ecosense believes that radon risks are entirely preventable with the right testing methods. The Radon-Free Campaign seeks to empower individuals to test their homes the right way, with early detection and continuous monitoring, to avoid the devastating consequences of radon exposure.

"With the Radon-Free Campaign, we aim to change this narrative and create a world where no one has to say, 'I wish I had known sooner,'" said Insoo Park, Founder and CEO at Ecosense.

Join Ecosense and Bill Johnson in their mission to raise radon awareness, share personal stories, and ultimately save lives. Together, let's create a world that is Radon-Free.

Published at The Globe and Mail