Ecosense Opens Fulfillment Center in Vancouver, British Columbia to Better Serve its Canadian Customers

New Fulfillment Center Offers Expedited Processing, Better Pricing, and First Class Customer Support  to Provide a Seamless Shopping Experience and Protect Canadians from Radon Exposure.

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Ecosense radon detector in Canada

San Jose, California - March 29, 2023: Ecosense, a leading provider of radon detection and monitoring solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of its fulfillment center in Vancouver, British Columbia, designed exclusively to cater to its Canadian customers.  Beginning in April, the new facility will offer direct shipping services to customers’ doorsteps, expedited order processing, and hassle-free exchange services, while also offering drop shipping to provide seamless support for the Ecosense’s Referral Club members .

"This is a monumental leap forward in our business plan and we are delighted to unveil our new fulfillment center, which will provide our Canadian customers with even better all around service," said Ecosense CEO and Founder Insoo Park. "Our radon detectors  are designed for continuous monitoring to protect from the dangers of long-term radon exposure, and we are proud to offer them in the Canadian market."

Ecosense's Canadian customers will be able to purchase all of its products on the Ecosense website and other retail venues starting in April. Ecosense consumer and professional solutions are based on patented sensor technology which can accurately capture constantly fluctuating radon levels. While all Ecosense devices provide fast real-time readings for a short-term radon test, they are also designed to continuously track changing radon levels over a long period of time, and store (long-term) measurement data to help customers determine if mitigation is necessary.

Radon, a naturally occurring radioactive gas, is responsible for more than 3,000 Lung Cancer Deaths Each Year in Canada and 16% of all lung cancer cases are attributed to radon exposure. Offering more than solutions,  Ecosense has a strong commitment to raising public awareness in Canada about the dangers of radon gas and the importance of continuous radon monitoring. To support these efforts, the company invites Canadian radon professionals to join Ecosense Referral Club. The referral program allows its members to offer special pricing to their clients, and get rewarded with a commission on a monthly basis. Referral Club requires no inventory, and Ecosense handles the order processing and drop shipping to customers.  

Ecosense is providing Canadians with the smart and easy-to-use tools they need to protect themselves and their families from radon exposure all year round. With the launch of its new fulfillment center, Ecosense is poised to better serve its Canadian customers than ever before.