Ecosense Announces Strategic Partnership with REM

Ecosense Announces Strategic Partnership 
with REM 

Together preventing harmful radon exposure

July 6, 2020 - Ecosense Inc. (Ecosense) and Radon Environmental Management Corp (REM) are excited to announce a new strategic partnership in North America, which will strengthen and expand their offering of high-performance radon measurement solutions to prevent harmful exposure and save lives. 

“Our strategic alignment with REM creates great synergy between two leading innovators, moving the needle towards best in-class radon gas monitoring solution. The continuous service era, comprising of 24/7 mobile monitoring and on-demand mitigation services, is finally made possible by combining Ecosense’s cutting edge radon monitors with REM’s strong service network. Professionals and consumers alike stand to benefit immensely from the new standard of real-time accurate radon measurements, remote monitoring technology, and intuitive device operation,” said Insoo Park, CEO of Ecosense.

"We are delighted to have entered into a distribution agreement with Ecosense to exclusively supply their superior range of RadonEye continuous radon monitor solutions in Canada. The RadonEye product range of consumer and professional devices features many advantages, i.e. low cost, connectivity, and provide fast outstanding measurement accuracy and sensitivity. The RadonEye Pro is also a C-NRPP and NRPP listed device," said Alan Whitehead, President & CEO of REM.


Ecosense is building innovative radon gas monitoring solutions that ensure indoor air safety for everyone. Unique ion chamber technology powers our real-time radon monitoring devices that protect people from harmful radon gas exposure. By leveraging emerging cloud connectivity to create compact radon detectors with immersive smart capabilities, unlimited data sharing options, and blazing fast accurate results — professionals and consumers alike have a powerfully intuitive device at their disposal.


Radon Environmental is a building and environmental health sciences company focused on reducing public exposure to radon gas. REM provides innovative high-performance radon detection and mitigation solutions to treat radon in air and water. The company consults on radon education, mapping, testing and mitigation planning with government organizations and the building and construction sector across North America. A strength of the company is its emphasis on strategic development to build strong partner and customer relationships.

Insoo Park, CEO
Ecosense Inc.
Tel: 510 304 5531

David Innes, Director of Sales
Radon Environmental Management Corp
Tel: 778 327 4717 Toll-free: 888 527 4717