Ecosense's Technology

The physics

1) Air diffuses into cylindrical chamber
2) Radon decay produces high energy particles that produce ions in the air
3) An electric field between center electrode and outer cylinder attracts the ions
4) Ions simultaneously contacting electrodes produce minute currents
5) Patented circuitry counts the resulting femto-Amp current pulses!

Key product design features

1) Bluetooth communications for set-up and reporting through iOS & Andriod smartphones
2) Graphic display of data
3) “Pro” model adds Wi-Fi, enabling remote operation of several devices from a smartphone or desktop

Issued U.S. Patent

U.S. Patent issued 2018
Radon detector based on ion chamber technology
Novelty lies in analog circuitry for the measurement of femto-Amp currents
Circuitry optimized to extract signal from noise

Third Party Validation by University of Michigan

“RadonEye performed significantly better than expected for an extremely affordable device”

RadonEye RD200 ($179) performed identically to Durridge RAD7 ($7,000)