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Efficient diagnostic tool for radon hotspot detection. Save time with quick 5-minute capture of multiple locations, all readings in one app


A Fast Radon Hotspot Locator

The EcoTracker solution bundles 4 high performance radon detectors which allow radon professionals to simultaneously assess multiple locations within homes, educational facilities, care centers, or commercial buildings. Measuring radon levels at the exact same time allows easy identification of radon hotspots in homes, schools, daycare centers or commercial buildings. Each of the detectors uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to broadcast its data to an app installed on the phone or tablet. EcoTrackers integrate Ecosense’s patented ion chamber radon sensor, which offers industry leading 30 CPH/pCi/L (counts per hour per pCi per liter) sensitivity.



The first reading appears within as little as 5 minutes after set-up. Radon data will be updated and logged every 5 minutes.

Simultaneously check for radon level over four separate locations

The EcoTracker solution bundles 4 radon detectors into a compact system which allows mitigators to rapidly and easily measure radon levels over multiple locations within a building at the same time. 

Accuracy of EcoQube
Wi-Fi Radon detector

Single mobile app for monitoring all four detectors

Each of the detectors use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to broadcast their data simultaneously to an app installed on a smartphone or tablet. All 4 radon measurements are displayed for easy comparison.

Support for continuous radon monitoring mode

 One or more of the EcoTracker’s 4 detector units can also be set for hourly or continuous results if leaving the units in place for hours or days is so desired. 

Modern and compact design

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