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Ecosense Devices Ranked Most Accurate and Precise in the 2023 C-NRPP Study on Continuous Radon Monitors

The 2023 study conducted by C-NRPP in Canada unequivocally identified only Ecosense devices as the top performers in terms of accuracy and precision. Learn more about the C-NRPP 2023 Intercomparison Report and choose the best radon solution to keep your home safe.

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  • See your first reading in 10 minutes, and reliable results in an hour.
  • The EcoBlu™ delivers industry-leading radon counting sensitivity of 18 counts per hour per pCi/L.
  • A compact device with a full-size LED screen makes real-time and continuous radon monitoring easy to read.
  • No smartphone, no WiFi, no BLE, no battery - simply monitor your radon levels throughout your home. 



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Award-winning, intelligent radon monitor with remote access to real-time readings, and long-term trend charts in EcoQube mobile app.

  • See your first reading in 10 minutes, and reliable results in an hour.
  • The EcoQube™ delivers industry-leading radon counting sensitivity of 30 counts per hour per pCi/L.
  • Easily connect with your existing home Wi-Fi router. All results are delivered securely to your smartphone.
  • Fits in the palm of your hand. The simple modern design blends in with the style of your home.



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Our popular first generation, smart radon gas monitor with highly accurate, fast results on a display or on your smartphone.

  • See your first reading in 10 minutes, and reliable results in an hour.
  • The RadonEye™ delivers industry-leading radon counting sensitivity of 30 counts per hour per pCi/L.
  • Easily connect with your smartphone (iOS, Android) via Bluetooth. All results are transferred to the smartphone for your analysis.
  • Radon results updated every 10 minutes and displayed on the OLED screen. This provides a guide visual check of the radon results.

Compare Our Home Radon Monitors

Detection TechnologyPulsed Ionization Chamber  Pulsed Ionization Chamber  Pulsed Ionization Chamber  
Radon Sensitivity30CPH (count per hour) per 37 Bq/m3
30CPH (count per hour) per 37 Bq/m3 
18CPH (count per hour) per 37 Bq/m3 
Radon Accuracy/Precision< ±10% after 10 hours (@370 Bq/m3 )
< ±10% after 10 hours (@370 Bq/m3 )
< ±14% after 10 hours (@370 Bq/m3 )
Radon Measurement RateEvery 10 minutesEvery 10 minutesEvery 10 minutes
Radon Measurement Result60 minutes moving average
60 minutes moving average
1 hour / 1 day / 1 week / 1 month moving averages
Onboard Result Display-
OLED screen
Full-sized LED screen
ConnectivityWi-Fi, Bluetooth
Audio AlarmYes
Radon LED IndicatorYes-Yes
Monitor SharingYes--
Mobile AppiOS, AndroidiOS, Android-
Multiple Monitors App SupportYes--
Notifications (Push)Yes--

What Our Customers Say

EcoBlu / Fantastic Life Saving Device!

Amazon Customer

“This is quite an impressive device. Its design is simple, cute, and compact-sized. I really like the design. Just plug it in and it starts giving you constant readings on the radon level…. so you know if it goes up to an unsafe level."

EcoBlu / Gives Me Peace of Mind!

Amazon Customer

“I did my research and picked the easiest device out there, I’m not too good with technology. Indeed, it’s the easiest radon detector ever, the only thing I had to think about is where to plug it in. Other than that, the display is big and numbers are easy to read. Definitely recommend it, - you’ll have peace of mind, cause no radon in your home.”

EcoQube / Set and Let it Alone!

Amazon Customer

“The EcoQube is really simple to set up and has a nice app for your Phone….. Since I'm using this for long term monitoring I really like the fact that it is a plug in and not battery. The app is really good in that it has decent graphics to show…..daily (hourly), weekly and monthly readings. It provides the average reading for the time period as well. You can export out all the hourly readings….. Very nice little package that gives me all I need to know and simple to use and understand. I highly recommend EcoQube.”

EcoQube / Easy and Impressive!

Amazon Customer

“I found that this little gizmo is giving me the ability to track and respond to radon levels inside my home. I've had it for twelve days and have performed multiple experiments with regard to the data it shows me. Because the app shows readings every 10 minutes, the result of any changes I make is nearly instantaneous. I am impressed, pleased, and considering buying a second so I don't have to move this one around the house. And I should mention that the data gathered by this device is spot on with the data from professional type radon monitors left in my home for ….”

RadonEye / This device works!

Amazon Customer

"Thanks to my Radon Eye device, I could see that the levels were slowly coming down into the safe zone after the install of the mitigation system. I can now view the levels anytime, right from my phone to make sure the mitigation system is doing its job. The setup of the RadonEye was a breeze. Took me about 30 seconds and BAM! I was in business. The price for this device was very reasonable as well, considering it could possibly save your life. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"

RadonEye / A life-saving device for every home!

Amazon Customer

"We live in a home that we built 26 years ago and thanks to all the PSAs regarding RADON awareness this past month, we wanted to be sure that our home was safe. I researched RADON-detecting devices extensively and purchased the ECOSENSE due to the ratings versus all the other BLUETOOTH models. Come to find out, we do indeed have RADON in our home and will be contacting a Mitigation Agency. Thank you, ECOSENSE. Your product is everything you say it is. Easy to use, with prompt, and trusted readings. This product may have saved our lives!"