Resources For
Ecosense Referral Club Members

Whether you're already a member or just thinking to apply, this page has everything you need to get your referral business started. 

Step 1. Apply for Referral Club Membership  

To get started, fill out a quick Ecosense Referral Club Application Form and our team member will follow up with you shortly.

Step 2. Complete Referral Club Registration

Once your application is approved, you’ll receive an email from our team with the Registration Form. Fill out that form with your information, including the following:

  • Desired promo code 
  • Where you’ll be sharing your referral link and promo code:
    - Website URL
    - Social Media account
    - Email Newsletter  
  • Payment information (to receive commission)

Step 3. Sign in to your Referral Club Dashboard

Now you can log in to your member dashboard and manage your account:

  • Dashboard tab: Access your referral link and promo code
  • Marketing Recourses tab: Download brochures, products images etc.
  • Sales tab: Check your sales and earned commissions

Step 4. Begin Sharing Your Special Pricing

We've listed a few ways to offer your special pricing to your clients with a couple of real examples from our members. See which one works best for your business.

Option 1. Add "Shop" Button to Your Website

To share your discount on your website you'll need to add a Shop Ecosense button. You can build a new block on your homepage or any other page with your services and add the following sections:

  • Add text indicating Special Pricing and product description
  • Upload image of the product you want to recommend 
  • Add your Referral Link to a button (your discount will be applied automatically and it will track your sale) 

Sample layout (horizontal):

An example of website placement by True Air Technologies:

True Air Technologies website

How To Add a Button To Your Website:

We've seen some good examples of our Referral Club members adding a Shop Ecosense button using their website builder tools and keeping their company's branding consistent (like the one above). We've also had some members prefer using Ecosense branding, such as colors, fonts, and images for better product recognition and credibility purposes.

Either way, make sure it stands out, it's clear what you're offering and, most importantly, you add your Referral Link to let your clients get their new radon monitor with your special pricing. Find our recommendations below:

Use your website builder tools

  • Go to the Marketing Recourses Tab in your Referral Club member dashboard and download all the materials needed such as product image, shop button, and text file for the description.
  • Add a new block to your web page
  • Add all elements to the block
  • Make the button image clickable by adding your Referral Link to it

Pro Tip:

Add your Referral Link to the product image as well (often website visitors click right on the image, not on the Shop button)

Design recommendations:

If you are using Ecosense logo please checkout the Ecosense Brand Guide to style your button accordingly.

Sample Layout (Vertical):

Option 2. Post on Social Media

Engage with your followers by offering your Promo Code and/or Referral Link on your preferred social media channels. As a suggestion, you can create a post about radon awareness, or share a photo you took/downloaded from our website. If the social media account allows adding links, simply include your referral link in your post. If you can't add any links - mention your promo code, so your followers could apply it at checkout.

An example of an Instagram post by Swell Home Inspections:

True Air Technologies website

An example of a YouTube video description by American Radon Mitigation:

True Air Technologies website

Option 3. Send Email to Your Clients

Add your Referral Link when you're sending an email follow-up to your client. You can also let your email newsletter subscribers know that you've partnered with Ecosense and now offering a discounted price on a radon monitor of their choice:

  • Add image and description of the monitor you want to share
  • Mention Special Pricing in the title
  • Add an image and description of the device you'd like to share
  • Add a button and make it clickable by adding your Referral Link 

Option 4. Share In-Person

Download our fillable handout form, print a few copies, and carry them with you so can easily give it to your client right on the spot. The form will educate your clients about the dangers of radon gas exposure, provide information about consumer monitors, and, of course, your promo code and your company's info.