Resources For
Ecosense Referral Club Members

1. Referral Club Registration

Once your application is approved, you’ll receive an email with the Registration Form.

Use this form to provide the following: 

  • Desired promo code 
  • Where you’ll be sharing your referral link and promo code:
    - Website URL
    - Social Media account
    - Email address 
  • Payment information (to receive commission)

2. Referral Club Dashboard

Now you can log in to your dashboard to manage your member account.

Referral Club dashboard allows you to: 

  • Get brochures and images from the Marketing Resources tab
  • Access your Promo Code and Referral Link 
  • See your Sales and Commission

3. Share Your Special Pricing

  • Share on your website
  • Share on social media
  • Share via email
  • Share in-person

3.1 Share on Your Website

To share your offering on the website you'll need to add a Shop Ecosense button. The button can be placed on your homepage or any other page with your services.

Build a block with the following sections:

 (See example and feel free to recreate it)

  • Add text indicating Special Pricing and product description
  • Upload image of the product you want to recommend 
  • Add your Referral Link to a button
  • Mention your Promo Code for discount

Add a button to your website:

a).  Use your website builder tools

  • Add text Shop Ecosense
  • Add Ecosense logo as an inline image to your button text
  • Add your Referral Link to the button

Our recommendations:

  • Button color: Use any neutral color (white/black/grey) or Ecosense color
  • Button font: Use your website font or Ecosense font

Follow Ecosense Brand Guide to style your button with our logo, font, and color.

b). Use Ecosense button

  • Download Shop Ecosense button images below
  • Add image file to your website
  • Make that image clickable by adding your Referral Link to it

Use Shop Ecosense Buttons

3.2 Share on Social Media

Engage with your followers by offering your Promo Code and/or Referral Link on your preferred social media channel.

Here are some ideas on adding your Promo Code and Referral Link:

  • Instagram profile description (Add Link tab)
  • YouTube video description
  • Facebook stories
  • LinkedIn company page
  • LinkTree account (for sharing multiple links on your Social Media)

3.3 Share via Email

Include your Promo Code and Referral Link in your monthly newsletter or appointment follow-up.

Here are some ideas for your next email blast:

  • Include Special Pricing in your title
  • Add image and short product description
  • Make the button clickable by adding your Referral Link 
  • Mention your Promo Code

3.4 Share in-person

Bring your Referral Club Handout with you on your appointments to pass on your customers.

  • Write your Promo Code 
  • Write your Contacts 
Referral Club Handout