National Radon Action Month

National Radon Action Month

Test your home. Protect your loved ones.


What Is Radon Gas? 

Radon gas naturally occurs in the environment as a product of uranium decay. If the very mention of the word uranium worries you — it should. Uranium is a radioactive element and is a key ingredient in the manufacture of nuclear bombs.

As you might imagine, any gas produced by the decay of something like uranium isn't going to be healthy for you. Descending from uranium explains some of why radon gas can be lethal, but it also contributes to other concerning characteristics.

Radon gas is:


Radon gas has managed to seep into our homes, offices, schools, libraries, daycare centers, and other indoor spaces to the detriment of indoor air safety.
However, by educating yourself about radon gas and how to prevent, control, and mitigate it, you can safely avert the danger.

To learn more about the very immediate health risks posed by radon gas exposure, visit this page by the EPA which details years of professional medical studies.

How to Test Your Home for Radon Gas

Testing your home for radon gas is not as complicated — or expensive — as you might think.

Here at Ecosense, we developed affordable, accurate, and incredibly fast radon monitors that provide radon test results within 10 minutes after plug and play setup.

To test your home for radon gas, follow these 3 quick steps:

1. Visit to find the right radon detector solution for you 
2. Install, power on and finish a simple 3-minute setup process of your Ecosense radon detector.
3. Wait 10 minutes to receive your first radon test result from your detector and on your smartphone.

Just because your current radon gas results are below acceptable levels, this does not mean they will always remain at those levels.
That is why long-term continuous monitoring is very critical — radon gas levels fluctuate by the hour, day, month, and year.

Ecosense radon detectors are designed to make long-term continuous monitoring easy for everyone, much like operating a smoke detector. Using the Ecosense smartphone app, you'll be able to see radon gas trends in real-time over both short and long timeframes.

If you have questions about how to start testing your home for radon gas, don't hesitate to contact us.

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