Add Passive Income with EcoGuard Professional Radon Monitoring Service

by Dallas Jones, Ecosense Vice President

EcoGuard professional radon monitoring service

A couple of years ago, Ecosense introduced EcoTracker to help radon mitigators diagnose radon entry points and reduce callbacks. These 4-packs have quickly become one of the most valuable tool sets on the truck. 

Now I’m hyped about our latest innovation that enables mitigators to offer EcoGuard - a professional radon monitoring service. The service includes:

  • Post-mitigation radon monitoring (including monthly data review)
  • An active alert system
  • 48-hour post-mitigation clearance test report

The versatile EcoGuard device, NRPP-approved long-term continuous radon monitor (CRM,) can only be purchased by radon professionals, who can monitor and manage the data for all their active EcoGuard clients from their admin dashboard. 

How EcoGuard works:

After the radon mitigation is completed, a radon professional installs a new calibrated EcoGuard device and activates it by entering all the required metadata for compliance using the EcoQube mobile app. Then he/she attaches a label right on the device or in immediate proximity that states, “This is a component of a Radon Mitigation System. Do not move or unplug.” 

EcoGuard post mitigation monitoring

After the required system runtime, a 48-hour post-mitigation clearance test report can be generated. Once the hourly data is analyzed by Ecosense Lab, it’s posted on the radon professional’s EcoGuard admin dashboard and sent to the homeowner. Since EcoGuard is there for the long term, it’s not necessary to return to the property. Note that post-mitigation clearance test reports can only be generated for units that have been calibrated within the past 12 months.

At the beginning of the month, Ecosense will generate a Monthly system performance report for the previous month which can be sent automatically to each of your clients. And get this - Ecosense will send a mobile push notification or an email alert to the radon professional if the average for 48 hours exceeds 4 pCi/L, prompting the notification to the homeowner to verify the system fan is running. An average radon concentration ≥ 4 pCi/L on a monthly report would prompt an onsite investigation.

EcoGuard device is listed on the National Radon Proficiency Program’s (NRPP) Approved Device List as BC-8466 Ecosense EcoGuard EQ200EG. Data analysis is provided by Ecosense (NRPP Approved Laboratory #113936-AL). The units cannot be reset and assigned to a different address for at least 90 days. Our initial customer surveys indicate many homeowners are more than willing to pay indefinitely for the peace of mind and security that the service can provide.

Since the ANSI-AARST SGM-SF standard recommends retesting every two years, the radon professional would replace the EcoGuard device at the two-year mark with a freshly calibrated unit, which is included in the EcoGuard service package. 

Professionals can purchase EcoGuard devices for $129 each through the EcoGuard dashboard. Once it’s activated and connected to the customer’s Wi-Fi, there’s a small $3.99/month subscription charge for the time it’s active. A bulk purchase of 20 or more drops the unit price to $122; buy 50 for $115 each.  

Many of the radon mitigators I’ve interviewed are tacking the unit price onto their mitigation proposal and charging an annual fee for their monitoring and maintenance agreement. If you have questions, just give me a call.


Dallas Jones, Ecosense

Dallas Jones

Ecosense, Vice President 

(678) 983-9312


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