Ecosense Unveils EcoQube Pro™- A New Concept for Professional Radon Testing

Introducing the NRPP-listed Continuous Radon Monitor for Small and Large-Scale Testing Projects, Enhancing User Efficiency and Cost Savings.

EcoQube Pro New Product

San Jose, CA, December 6, 2023 –  Ecosense, a globally trusted provider of cutting-edge radon detection and monitoring solutions, is excited to announce the launch of its professional continuous radon monitor (CRM), the EcoQube Pro™. The EcoQube Pro has been NRPP-approved, which ensures accuracy and reliability, eliminating the need for confirmation tests. The solution comes as a set of 4 or 45 units and is suitable for use in single-family homes and large-scale projects respectively, such as schools, workplaces, apartment buildings, or care facilities.  It's truly ideal for versatile radon testing, especially those requiring a 48 to 96-hour deployment period for compliance. Ecosense handles the annual calibration of devices making it a time and cost-saving solution for EcoQube Pro users.

Ecosense designed the EcoQube Pro mobile app and web dashboard software with user-friendliness in mind. They have incorporated features that offer significant advantages over traditional methods of radon testing with charcoal canisters. With easy connectivity options, real-time remote monitoring, and autostop capabilities, users will find devices easy to use. The Ecosense cloud server works as a virtual lab ensuring quick access to results data for project management. This software streamlines the integration of test results into inspection reports, offering comprehensive data required for mitigation efforts in properties that surpass the EPA action level of 4 p/Ci. Adopting this new concept eliminates lab feedback delays and the burden of additional mailing fees—truly a transformative breakthrough for the radon industry. 

Insoo Park, the CEO of Ecosense stated, "Ecosense has achieved a revolutionary breakthrough in professional radon detection, forever transforming the radon industry with the introduction of EcoQube Pro, now certified by NRPP. Our lease program ensures affordability and regulatory compliance, empowering radon professionals in our collective fight against radon dangers."

The EcoQube Pro service includes data analysis, annual calibration replacement, and state-required test activity reports. For information about the EcoQube Pro radon measurement program, please visit the EcoQube Pro page