Ecosense's Line of Innovative Radon Monitoring Devices Is Now Available For Purchase in Canada Through the Company's Website, BestBuy and Amazon.

The company is committed to Improving Air Quality in Canadian Homes and Workplaces

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Ecosense radon detectors in Canada

San Jose, California - April ,13 2023: Ecosense, a leading provider of radon detection and monitoring solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its innovative radon monitoring devices in Canada. EcoBlu, EcoQube, and RadonEye devices are now available for purchase through Best Buy Canada, Amazon Canada, and the Ecosense website. Distribution and fulfillment are made possible through the company’s recently announced Ecosense fulfillment center in Vancouver, BC. Specifically, consumer devices EcoBlu, EcoQube, and RadonEye are available on Amazon Canada. In addition, EcoBlu and EcoQube devices are also available for purchase on Best Buy Canada.

EcoBlu is a simple plug-and-play digital radon monitor that provides real-time, short and long-term results on an LED display. EcoQube is an award-winning intelligent radon monitor that captures radon fluctuations and provides remote access to trend charts through the EcoQube App. The RadonEye is the first-generation smart radon monitor, Bluetooth connected, and displays radon levels right on a built-in display and the RadonEye App. All three devices are based on Ecosense's patented radon sensor technology with industry-leading counting efficiency enabling faster, more accurate, and reliable results. 

"Our devices will make a significant impact on monitoring radon levels in Canadian homes and workplaces,” stated Insoo Park, Founder, and CEO of Ecosense. “Our devices are designed to provide Canadian customers with accurate and reliable readings to ensure their safety from radon exposure, the No.1 cause of lung cancer among non-smoking Canadians. Our mission is to empower individuals and organizations to take control of their indoor air quality and make informed decisions to protect their health and well-being. The launch of our radon monitoring devices in Canada marks a significant milestone in our mission to provide technologies leading to a healthier lifestyle for our customers worldwide."

In the coming months, Ecosense will be offering its line of professional radon testing devices, RadonEye Pro and EcoTracker, for purchase on multiple platforms, including the Ecosense website, Amazon Canada, and Best Buy Canada. RadonEye Pro, which is NRPP-certified, is most suitable for professional radon testing, while EcoTracker is a quick diagnostic tool designed to help radon mitigators identify hotspots. These professional-grade solutions offer advanced features that are ideal for commercial and industrial applications. 

In addition, the Ecosense Referral Club is now available to Canadians.  Joining the program is easy and it offers members additional revenue streams without the hassle of managing inventory. Referral Club members can share a referral link or promotional code with their clients and Ecosense will process the orders and ship directly to the clients. In return, Ecosense Referral Club members receive monthly commissions.