Radon Monitoring service with Intelligent Detector EcoQube S

[ User Guide for EcoGuard Users ]

About EcoGuard

Grow your radon business by generating new revenue with Ecosense Radon Managed Service (ERMS) EcoGuard. Adding EcoGuard to your existing services helps you create an interactive service to connect with your customers by providing long-term radon monitoring. With a powerful real-time radon monitor, EcoQube S, in the hands of the homeowner, paired with real-time monitoring data, monthly reports, and your professional analysis- it’s a win-win combination. Now your business has a passive revenue stream while your customers get peace of mind. 

1. Create a Business Account 

  • To onboard a EcoGuard, you need to create a business account from the web dashboard. You can only log in to the dashboard with a business account.
  • Go to https://dashboard.ecosense.io/ and create an account. Please do not create an account using the mobile app. 

 2. Set up EcoQube S

  • Download and open the EcoQube app (Available in App store and Google Play). 
  • Login with your business account.
  • Register the device by scanning the QR code or connecting the Bluetooth.
  • Follow the instructions in the EcoQube app to set up your device. For more information, please visit https://ecosense.io/erms-ecoguard

3. EcoQube S Placement Guideline

  • Make sure it’s at the right height. Place EcoQube S at least 20 inches (51cm) above the floor and 12 inches (30cm) from exterior walls. Do not place EcoQube S close to windows, doors, or vents and keep it away from high heat, high humidity.
  • Find a spot with a good Wi-Fi signal. EcoQube S uses Wi-Fi together with an internet connection to send information to your smartphone app.

4. Invite a Guest (client) - Optional

  • To invite a guest (customer), please click the Settings menu > Device users > click + button > input email address > click Next button 
  • Your customer should now download the EcoQube app from the Apple app store or Google play store on their phone and create a new EcoQube account using the same email to which the invitation was sent to.

    *IMPORTANT: for the new EcoQube account, email address must match the email to which the invitation was sent to
  • The customer can now log in to their account and see the same radon data in real-time. 

5. Activate the EcoQube [IMPORTANT]

  • Real-time monitoring mode: Update radon readings every 10 minutes and log data every hour with hourly moving average.
  • 24 data points average monitoring mode: Update radon readings with a moving average of the last 24 data points and log data hourly. The first data is displayed as early as 25 hours after 24 data points have been collected.
  • Activate the device: Radon data will be displayed after the device is activated. To activate a device, please change the subscription service status to “activate” from the radon menu.  

6. Monthly Radon Report

  • Monthly reports are automatically ready one month after the device is activated. You can create a new radon report by clicking on the +New Report button. 

7. Maintenance

  • Reset to device settings: Resets Wi-Fi settings, alarm settings, and unit settings to default values.
  • Press button until LED goes off.
  • Keep holding the reset button for 5 seconds until the LED turns green.
  • Release the button immediately thereafter.
  • Reset to factory settings: Resets to original manufacturer settings if device becomes unresponsive.
  • Press button until LED goes off.
  • Keep holding the reset button for 5 seconds until the LED turns green.
  • Keep pressing and hold the reset button for more than 20 seconds until the LED turns orange.
  • Release the button.
  • Reset existing data
  • To erase all data on your account, you need to unregister the EcoQube by following the below steps. Go to “All Devices” and swipe left on the device name to show the Unregister menu. Please save your existing data before erasing it.

For more details, please visit us at https://ecosense.io/erms-ecoguard

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Regulatory Guide
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